Very little technology is revolutionary. Most bright shiny objects are evolutionary and it isn't until each one solves a problem that customers embrace it. The technology we use today for digital media players like iPods was invented before 1939.

Payment is complex and does not benefit from revolutionary approaches. Evolution allows you to course correct to find the balance between your goals and your customers' expectations.

Join us at Cardware, May 1-3 in Niagara Falls, Canada, as we look at the course corrections that will pivot your organization over the next 18 months.


Where is this all headed? Hear what the market shapers have to say.
What does modernization really mean for Canada?
CIBC, Visa, Interac, ACT Canada and others to be announced
Accenture Strategy, Jonathan Magder, Payments Lead, Canada
What is the future of the Code of Conduct?
Will international regulations impact Canada?
Payments and the Trump administration – what do we need to know?
Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), Kevin Thomas, Senior Compliance Officer
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, Jacqueline Shinfield, Partner
Electronic Transactions Association, Jason Oxman, CEO
Customer Experience
If early adopters have signaled that payment doesn't provide the mobile experience they want, what is the best course correction? Hear what research has to say.
Will the next gen of payment terminals change the consumer experience?

Bond Brand Loyalty, Kyle Davies, Director, Marketing Research
Ingenico Canada, Ltd., Richard Giannini, Senior VP Product Development

Digital ID
Can we use the solution powering Iceland and Estonia's digital ID?
Are there other sources of data and non-traditional partnerships needed to move ahead – what are they?, Julian Ranger, Exec Chairman & Founder
EnStream LP, Almis Ledas, COO
Trans Union, Pat Phelan, VP, Identity Management
Can you create happiness for your customers with a customer obsession mentality?
Is there an alternative for blockchain that provides real time payments with instant clearing and settlement?
ATB Financial, Rob Bennett, Executive Vice President
nanoPay Corporation, Laurence Cooke CEO
NBS Technologies., Robin Ehrlich, Chief Software Architect
Beanstream, Ryan Stewart, Head of Product Development North America
Fintech & Technology
What are consumers gravitating towards in digital commerce?
Is gold the new digital currency?
How do you leverage tech ecosystems to drive innovation?
Who are four of the top new players and what do they have to offer?
Visa, Derek Colfer, Head of Mobile Innovation
Goldmoney, Darrell MacMullin, CEO, Communitech, Craig Haney, Head of Corporate Innovation
4PAY, Neil Appalsamy, President and CEO
CardinalCommerce Corporation, Bruce Poore, Senior Vice President, Global Financial Institution Services
Interac Association, Kashmera Self, Director of Mobile Product Platforms

Looking for strategic course corrections? Or ideas to steer your company towards innovation? Or new solutions? Look no further.

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